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  • HNBR O-Ring

    Viton Seal Catalogue

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    HNBR O-Ring
    Perfluoroelastomer O-Ring

    Viton Seal

    Viton is the most well know fluoroelastomer. There are multiple variations of Vitons. The most common compounds are Viton A, Viton B, Viton F, Viton B70, Viton GLT, Viton GFLT and Viton ETP. The most significant differences in compounds is the percentage of fluorine content and the curing system used to cure the Viton into its stable shape.

    Viton materials are compounded polymers and have excellent resistance to petroleum product, with low compression and high temperature resistance. They have low gas permeability. The temperature service range of Viton materials is from a low of minus 20 degrees Celsius and a high of 450 degrees Celsius.

    Viton Seal Compatibility

    Resistance to petrochemicals, biodiesel and many forms of hydrocarbons is a unique characteristic of Viton rubber. Viton is incompatible with highly polar chemicals, organic acids, amines, ketones, acetone, eaters and acetic acid.

    High temperatures do not significantly affect the resistance of Viton to chemicals and oil. Elasticity of Viton materials is maintained indefinitely throughout air oven aging in laboratory reaching 205 degrees Celsius.

    Low temperature serviceability of Viton range from minus 18 degrees Celsius to minus 23 degrees Celsius for dynamic service conditions. Under static conditions, specially formulated Viton compounds can attain a low of minus 54 degrees Celsius. Viton material has also performed to expectations for non-dynamic sealing applications in environments close to absolute zero.

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